Cycle To Cape Town In Aid of Hazel Footprints Trust

Archive Attic - Self Storage in Northamptonshire

I'm fortunate enough to be supported on this trip by Archive Attic a small self storage business based on our farm in Northamptonshire.   This trip would not be possible without its financial support.  I am therefore very grateful to my Uncle Charles and in particular to my Old Man for all the hard work they have done and will do for my benefit. I'll make it up to you guys on my return.  

If you or any of your friends happen to need to rent some storage do please consider us.  Our website has all our details on it - do please visit We are based in just outside Northampton and are able to offer much cheaper storage than our bigger rivals.

Anyway if you know anyone who needs self storage please  get them to visit our website.

Thank yous must go to so many people....

At home thank you to Ralph and his partners at Strutt & Parker, Canterbury for the golden goodbye and Gaffa for hosting the celebrations and to the Marsh's for my saddle - its been a wonderfully comfortable.

Massive, massive thank you's to the guys who joined me on various parts of the adventure.  To Bobby for chasing me up the Alps - that was pretty grown up cycling buddy and to Dennis the Swede for sharing the torment of Ethiopia and Africa's worse road in Kenya, for sharing a beer in the evening and helping me laugh rather than cry.  It would have broken me if I'd done it alone.   Only we will know how tough those weeks were.

I'm very grateful to Jim, Hudgie, Popey, Dave (the turkey - may he RIP) and Co for the awesome Kenyan Christmas and New Year together with all down on the coast who looked after me.  Those were fun times and I needed them.

Big thanks to all the overlanders on route.  In particular to the whole Wadhi Halfa crew especially Ric and Charlie (I feel like your adopted child) Pim and Grit for ensuring I had an awesome celebration in Cape Town.  To John (the finest Yorkshireman Africa's ever known) and Denise for scouting out desert water stops and Alex and Joost for providing photographic evidence of me actually cycling.  Thanks must go to the many, many others I met on route who stopped to give me water and provide me with company.

Thanks to all you guys on the blog and email and apologies for being eternally behind with it.  When I've felt low and lonely its been so good to have your encouragement.

A mention must go to all the African people who so often have so little but gave up so much to me.  It is you guys who turned my journey into such an incredible adventure and my apologies to the Ethiopians for loosing my temper with you all.  I think its best if we steer clear of each other in the future.

Final thanks must go to my parents.  It can't be easy watching one of your children pedal off to the other side of the world with only a vague plan of where they are going and when when they'll return.  I'm grateful for all your help on route, for running my life whilst I've been away and most of all for encouraging me to live my dreams and be me.

I'm afraid the list of people who've helped me is just too long to name you all.  I've been incredibly lucky to benefit from the generosity of so many strangers and friends; the many, many guys who gave me water, food, somewhere to sleep, directions (whether right or wrong), encouragement and company.  It would have been a much harder task without you all.